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10 months ago

HackSmith 2021 Devpost



In order to participate in HackSmith 2021 this year, participants need to have applied through our website and registered. As of a few days ago, we shut down applications with no plans to take on anymore people. Our plan was to exclusively use Devpost as a platform to allow people to submit projects and it has come as a great surprise to us that people to whom we did not send the Devpost link were able to find and register for it. We were not as familiar with the Devpost platform as we should have been.


We apologize to all of you who have started working on projects, became excited to compete, and wanted to see workshops. However, we aren't able to take in the 20 or so new participants who have registered through this platform. We will be shutting down this page in order to prevent further confusion.



The HackSmith Board